About Me

Who am I???

My name is Chris Ermel and I’m a grade 12 high school student at Longfields Davidson-Heights Secondary School. I enjoy playing football, playing video games, and relaxing. Below is a small picture of me playing football sometime this year. (Unfortunately we lost the championship game.)


Why the name of the Blog ???

Why the name Ermeliterary Guru?

Well,  to a stranger this name most likely holds no meaning at all. However, once you know that my last name is Ermel, then you’ll understand the weird first part of the name.

To be honest, the name is supposed to be a little bit sarcastic. I am, in no way whatsoever, a literary guru, yet I call myself one in the name of my blog. In this sense, the name of the blog represents me as I make sarcastic remarks all the time and am a sarcastic person.

Need a break from your busy day???

Cubefield Video Game:



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