Zero History

I was considering my previous blog post about how blank pages represent potential while I thought about the name of the book, Zero History.

As you read the book, it becomes clear that the character, Milgrim, is the character with no history. He cannot remember his past, and the only memories he seems to have are ones that occur over the course of the novel.

Anyways, I looked at this website for symbolic definitions of zero :

According to that site, zero represents potential. It is the shape of a “seed, womb or egg from which pure potential emerges”. It is also the shape of a circle which represents the cycle of life. Shapes associated with the zero’s shape are associated with time; infinity or a clock.

All of this delves deeper into the meaning of the title Zero History. If I had never read the book and had to analyse the title, I would guess that the book would be about a character with a forgotten past who matures over time and achieves his potential in the end.

Book Cover

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