A Wireless Prison

It is a common misconception among teenagers that a wireless cell phone grants them freedom.

Sure, upon acquiring a cell phone they gain the ability to talk, text, and share media from virtually anywhere, but it is to my belief that cell phones act as somewhat of a leash for your parents. The rational behind this is that once you acquire a cell phone, your parents have a means to reach you 24/7 no matter where you are. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, in fact it can be quite useful if you are in need of help of some sort. However, they are able keep tabs on you as long as you have your cell phone.

This idea, I feel, is represented in Zero History through Milgrim’s Neo phone. Milgrim’s cell phone has a bug in it that allows for Sleight to track him via GPS and listen in to his conversations. Up until Milgrim gets rid of the Neo, he is at Sleights command and mercy and is even followed by one of Sleight’s men.

So really, do self phones give you freedom or do they make you a prisoner and take away your privacy ?

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