Finding Meaning in What’s Left Out

Throughout the novel Zero History by William Gibson, there is somewhat of a side plot that occurs. Hollis attempts to track down a mysterious clothing brand known as Gabriel Hounds.

What is most interesting about that clothing brand, is the reason for its customers interest. Essentially, customers love the brand because of its sheer mystery. In other words they delight in the absence of its knowledge. Now, this is a concept commonly brought up in class where Mrs. White ( will talk about how meaning is found in what has been left out.

Now, the question is, why are people so attracted to mystery? The reason, illustrated by J.J. Abrams in this TED Talks video, is that the realm of mystery signifies endless possibility, and we are drawn to blank pages because of the thought that something great could be written on it.

Check it out:

J.J. Abrams


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2 Responses to Finding Meaning in What’s Left Out

  1. petersourgey says:

    Interesting idea, would you believe this is the reason why the head of Gabriel Hounds doesn’t want Bigend getting involved? Unlike the novel, which referred to a previous poor relationship being the reason.

  2. mkaka139 says:

    I think your right when you say that people bought Hounds as a result of its mystery rather than the need for its clothing. It was a great move on the part of the designer of Gabriel Hounds to keep the company as low profile as possible as not only did she avoid that unwanted relationship with Bigend but she also managed to increase value in her products.

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