Coloured by Bias

I’ve been reading the book Zero History by WIlliam Gibson in English class, and I’ve noticed a distinct male bias towards the assumed attitude of women in the novel.

Firstly, Hollis(one of the main characters) struggles to gather the courage to phone her ex-boyfriend after she’s heard about an accident he’s had that worried her. Secondly, Fiona(a less important character) seems to catch feelings for Milgrim(arguably the protagonist) and begins to usher him into sleeping with her, showering with her, and finally she kisses him. All the while, it seemed to me as though Milgrim didn’t understand what was going on.

What I wanted to highlight in both examples is the assumption that it was the females who needed to act first in the relationship. This rubs off as a somewhat delusional fantasy of the author’s perception of the perfect woman.

WIlliam Gibson

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One Response to Coloured by Bias

  1. petersourgey says:

    Completely agree with this view. It also seems to occur with Heidi as she calls the shots with Ajay. She picks him up and brings him back to her room, then although first tells Hollis nothings happening, eventually as the novel continues she builds a relationship with him.

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