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To Risk or Not to Risk

    I’ve been thinking about the message of Hamlet’s ‘to be or not to be’ soliloquy. Essentially, Hamlet is contemplating suicide. However, due to the unknown nature of the afterlife, Hamlet is convinced that mortal suffering is better than whatever may come after death. … Continue reading

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A Paradox That Makes Sense

Dating back to the time of which Hamlet’s story took place, a King’s adviser was supposed to be a trustworthy figure. If the adviser was deceptive or misleading, he was killed. Polonius, the King’s adviser in Hamlet, hires Reynaldo to spy on his … Continue reading

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A Not So Small Change

In english class, we are currently reading Hamlet. It’s funny how different lines are open to different interpretations. By that I’m referring simply to how the meaning of the line is dependent on how the actor says it. Sentences can have entirely … Continue reading

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